Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus (1st Gen)

Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024. In the fast-evolving world of technology, Android tablets have become an indispensable tool for both work and leisure. Lenovo, a stalwart in the tech industry, continues to make waves with its impressive range of Android tablets. Let’s delve into the world of Lenovo tablets and explore the best options available in 2024.

Lenovo’s Legacy in Tablet Manufacturing

Lenovo’s reputation as a tech giant precedes itself. With a legacy of producing innovative and reliable devices, Lenovo has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology. When it comes to Android tablets, Lenovo stands out for its commitment to delivering quality devices that cater to various user preferences.

Top Features of Lenovo Android Tablets

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus (1st Gen)

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus (1st Gen) Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024


Processor: MediaTek Helio G90T

Operating system: Android 11
Memory: 4/6GB of RAM, 64/128GB of storage, expandable up to 512GB via microSD

Display: 11-inch, 2K (2,000 x 1,200) IPS panel with 60Hz

Brightness: 400 nits

Battery: 7,700mAh, 20W charging

Camera: 13MP rear camera (auto-focus), 8MP front (fixed-focus)

Connection ports: Micro USB-C 2.0, 4-point Pogo pins, keyboard connector slots, microSD card slot


Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024. The Lenovo Tab P11 Plus doesn’t venture far from the conventional tablet design, maintaining the typical rectangular slab form factor. Constructed with a combination of aluminum and rubber materials, it boasts a unibody design that is both industrial and robust, earning it an IP52 rating for protection against dust particles and water splashes – a practical feature to have.

In the realm of tablets priced under $300, many often compromise on external hardware, opting for glossy plastic finishes that can feel hollow and cheap. However, the Tab P11 Plus bucks this trend, providing a pleasant tactile experience with its well-balanced weight distribution.

I had the opportunity to review the Slate Grey variant, and its minimal and sleek design caught my attention. When considering this tablet for enterprise use or home entertainment, I recommend choosing the Slate Grey color over the Platinum Grey and Modernist Teal options. The darker tone not only adds a touch of sophistication but also helps keep the subtle branding on the back – featuring the Lenovo and Dolby Atmos logos – understated and refined.

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Flipping over to the tablet’s front side reveals an 11-inch, 2K (2,000 x 1,200) IPS panel, surrounded by just enough bezel on all four sides. When holding the Tab P11 Plus in landscape orientation, the bezel offers a comfortable grip, preventing inadvertent touches on the screen. A notable design choice is the centered placement of the front-facing 8MP camera at the top, ensuring a more intuitive webcam experience compared to tablets that position the camera on the shorter side.

The display quality of the Tab P11 Plus is commendable, especially considering its $209 price point. The colors are sharp and accurate, a feature that stands out for a tablet in this price range. Despite being an IPS panel, the viewing angles are consistent without the color-shifting issues often associated with more budget-friendly displays. It’s worth noting that the test unit provided by Lenovo is the upgraded $259 variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but the display quality remains consistent across all models.

Tablet 10.1 inch Android 12 Tablet 2024 Latest Update Octa

Tablet 10.1 inch Android 12 Tablet 2023 Latest Update Octa  Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024


Model Name: 2024 Latest Stable Android 12.0 Tablet
Memory Storage Capacity: 64 GB
Screen Size: 10.1
Display Resolution Maximum: 1920 x 1200


Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024. Introducing the latest 10.1-inch Android 12 Tablet for the year 2024, equipped with cutting-edge technology and powered by an Octa-core processor. This tablet is designed to provide a seamless and enhanced user experience. Here’s a detailed description:


The 10.1-inch display offers vibrant colors, sharp resolution, and an immersive viewing experience, making it ideal for multimedia consumption, gaming, and productivity tasks.

Operating System

Powered by the latest Android 12, the tablet ensures a smooth and intuitive user interface with enhanced security features, improved performance, and access to the latest Android applications.


Equipped with a powerful Octa-core processor, this tablet delivers high-speed performance, enabling multitasking, quick app launches, and smooth overall operation.

Storage and RAM

Ample storage space ensures you can store a variety of apps, games, and media files, while generous RAM ensures seamless multitasking and smooth performance.

Stay connected with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to browse the internet, stream content, and connect to other devices effortlessly.


Capture moments with clarity using the tablet’s high-resolution camera. Whether it’s photos, videos, or video calls, the camera is designed to deliver impressive results.

Battery Life

Enjoy extended usage with a robust battery that keeps you powered throughout the day, whether you’re working, playing, or watching your favorite content.


Sleek and modern, the tablet’s design is both stylish and ergonomic, ensuring a comfortable grip and easy portability.

Software Features

Benefit from the latest Android features, including advanced security options, enhanced customization, and a user-friendly interface.


Stay up-to-date with regular software updates, ensuring your tablet is always equipped with the latest features, improvements, and security patches.


Access a wide range of applications from the Google Play Store, catering to your entertainment, productivity, and utility needs.

In summary, the 10.1-inch Android 12 Tablet for 2024 combines a powerful Octa-core processor, a vibrant display, and the latest Android features to provide users with a high-performance and feature-rich device.

Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2)

Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2)  Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024


Brand: Lenovo
Model Name: ZABF0322US
Memory Storage Capacity: 64 GB
Screen Size: 11.5 Inches
Operating System: Android


Advanced support from real people. Real fast.

Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024. Lenovo Premium Care offers a convenient and stress-free solution for addressing all your technical support requirements. Enhance your tablet’s standard warranty to enjoy priority access to our customer support service, providing round-the-clock assistance from knowledgeable experts who aim to provide a prompt and effective solution right from the first interaction.

Alternatively, for a nominal daily cost, you can safeguard yourself against accidental drops or spills with Lenovo ADP (Accidental Damage Protection).

Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection Because life happens

Like many individuals, you likely navigate through a myriad of responsibilities each day—balancing work, family, pets, household chores, and possibly education. We understand that life is unpredictable. Laptops may take a tumble, coffee might spill, and power surges can occur. With Accidental Damage Protection (ADP), there’s no need to worry. This optional protection plan comes with a fixed cost and term, reducing the financial burden of unforeseen repairs. More than just a financial safeguard, it provides peace of mind, assuring you that we’re there for you when unexpected challenges arise.

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen)

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen)  Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024


Brand: Lenovo
Model Name: Tab M10 Plus 3rd Gen
Memory Storage Capacity: 32 GB
Screen Size: 10.61 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum: 2000 x 1200 Pixels


Streaming Cinematics and Entertainment

Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024. Experience the brilliance of the Tab M10 Plus Gen 3’s stunning 10.6″ 2K IPS display. Immerse yourself in your favorite streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ with a maximum video resolution of up to 1080p, the highest available for mobile devices. Thanks to TÜV Low Blue Light certification, indulge in extended and comfortable screen time. The quad-speaker system ensures a captivating audio experience that surrounds you with rich sound.

Work more efficiently, not more strenuously

The Tab M10 Plus Gen 3, a compact and portable tablet, proves to be an excellent tool for student research and projects. Its compatibility with the Lenovo Instant Memo app ensures seamless on-screen input, accommodating everything from handwritten notes and sketches to annotating documents and effortlessly moving text around. To enhance speed and convenience, users have the option to include the Lenovo Precision Pen 2 stylus (sold separately).

Maintain concentration with “Reading Mode

Immersive Reading Mode is designed to alleviate eye strain during prolonged screen use. It enhances readability by emulating the color matrix found in printed books, creating a visual experience reminiscent of reading on paper. Users have the option to choose a subdued chromatic setting or switch to mono/grayscale, promoting focus and reducing eye strain whether they are reading an e-book or editing a lengthy document.

Keep yourself informed

The Tab M10 Plus Gen 3 tablet comes equipped with Android™ 12, providing users with access to the latest features of the operating system. Enjoy three years of security updates and other software enhancements. Additionally, anticipate the arrival of an even more recent version, Android™ 13, expected in 2023.

Lenovo – Tab P11 Plus – Tablet – 11″ 2K Display

Lenovo - Tab P11 Plus - Tablet - 11" 2K Display


Brand: Lenovo
Model Name: Tab P11 Plus
Memory Storage Capacity: 128 GB
Screen Size: 11 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum: 2000 x 1200 Pixels


Best Lenovo Android Tablets for 2024. Experience unparalleled viewing on the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus with its stunning 2K resolution displayed on an 11″ TDDI IPS screen. The narrow bezels on all sides contribute to an outstanding screen-to-display ratio, and the LCD screen’s 400 nits of brightness allow for clear viewing even in sunlight.

Enhance your audio experience with Dolby Atmos® delivered through four speakers, immersing you in the sounds of music, stories, and shows. Feel as if you’re in the midst of a live scene or concert hall with audio that surrounds and flows around you.

For family-friendly entertainment, the Tab P11 Plus offers Google Kids Space, providing a secure environment with over 10,000 teacher-approved apps and games, along with hundreds of free books. The tablet’s high-resolution 8MP camera ensures clear video calls with background noise cancellation, making it ideal for remote learning or work. Additionally, it supports laptop-level tasks with an optional ultrathin keyboard featuring a built-in trackpad and shortcut keys. Capture your ideas on the go with the optional Lenovo Precision Pen 2, boasting 4,096 pressure levels, tilt detection, and 200 hours of usage on a single charge.

Powering these experiences is the MediaTek® Helio G90T Tab Octa-Core processor with up to a 2.05GHz main frequency, providing a smooth gaming and browsing experience with minimal lag. Multitask effortlessly with up to 6GB of RAM, and enjoy extended usage on the go, thanks to the 7700mAh battery that offers up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Navigate seamlessly through your content with Entertainment Space, accessible by swiping right from your home screen. Sign in to your subscription services for personalized access to your favorite movies and TV shows. The Lenovo Tab P11 Plus is your ultimate entertainment and productivity companion.

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